Some other even organized their marriages according to the Balinese traditions wedding ceremony processions. To mark you early family life milestones on the island while enjoying local people friendliness and local atmospheres and nuances, we offer you special packages where you my sit on a special dais for a bridal couple paced on an elephant’s back. The traditional Balinese weeding ceremony will be attended and witnessed by hundred of villagers who will also bless the weeding and say prayers for bride and bridegroom’s happiness and prosperity.
In addition, the villagers will provide special entertainments in the form of Balinese Baleganjur traditional music performance.

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The Balinese weeding ceremonies are professional designed and organized into two package:  
  • Package A
    Offering will be prepared and ritual processions will be carried out. The rituals aim at blessings the bride and bridegroom’s relationships and their future hopes so that they can always get life happily and prosperously. The ritual will be attended and witnessed by villagers who will also join in the wedding parade. During the parade around the village, the bide and bridegroom in traditional Balinese weeding costumes sit on a special dais placed on an elephant’s back while some other villagers play Balinese Baleganjur music along the parade.
  • Package B
    The bride and bridegroom will wear Balinese traditional wedding costumes and ritual offering will be prepared and blessed for their happiness and prosperity. To celebrate the wedding ceremony, the bride and bridegroom sit on a special dais placed on an elephant’s back while traveling around the village. The managements actively hosted wedding ceremonies both for domestic and international tourists within its company premises since 1976. Those intending to make photographs in Balinese traditional costumes such as those of wedding, praying to temples and dancing, please contact us. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to immortalize your presence in Bali in the Balinese traditional costumes.