Bali Spa Treatment

Bali Spa Treatment


Foot fresh 30 minutes $20 – 60 Minutes $35

Refreshing  leg with foot washing treatment, Foot Balm, Foot mask, Foot Spray. The  benefits you can enjoy are cleansing the feet, lifting dead skin,  removing cellulite and keeping your skin moist.

Leg Massage 30 minutes $17

Massage  is applied on foot by using pressure squeeze, patting and stroking to  reduce cellulite on leg and relaxing tense foot muscles.

Leg massage + foot bath 60 minutes $30

Reflexology 30 minutes $17 60 minutes $25

The  emphasis is given more on the nerves points around the organs located  on the soles of the feet to help healing and to detect various diseases  the exist in the human body.

Reflexology + foot bath 60 minutes $30


Balinese Massage 60 minutes $35

Enjoy  full body massage with typical balinese style which is useful for  relaxation, un wind your self, pacify your mind and relax body’s tenses  muscles.

Balinese massage + foot bath 120 minutes $60

Twin massage 60 minutes $60

Massage movements performed by two therapists with a tandem rhythmic movements to balance the positive energy in the body.

Head and shoulder massage 30 minutes $20

Massage on the shoulder and head with a sitting position, to reduce muscle tension in neck, shoulder and head.

Face accupoint 30 minutes $20 and 60 minutes $35

Face accupoint is very good for accelerating blood circulation to the face and for the rejuvenation


Herbal Foot Refresh 30 Minutes $20 60 minutes $35

This  foot treatment typically use traditional ingredients combined  with  traditional massage in order to provide fresh legs, eliminating odor in  the feet, easing tense leg muscles, providing nutrients and vitamin in  the foot skin.

Traditional Foot Mask 30 minutes $20

This foot treatment is using traditional maskers to lighten, nourish and soften foot skin.

Aromatherapy massage 60 minutes $35

Effleurage,  a French word meaning to skim to touch lightly in the skin, thumb  sliding, palm pressure, using aromatherapy oils that aims to provide  peace and freshness of mind.

Aromatherapy massage + foot bath 120 minutes $60

Deep tissue 60 minutes $60

This  massage uses hot stones with oil therapy treatment using stone energy  which is believed to relieve back pain, kidney, heart and asthma as  volcanic rocks contain 62% silica, iron magnesia, that has vibration and  magnetic energy.


Traditional Facials 60 minutes $30

Cleansing  the face in the traditional way that can provide freshness and  improving blood circulation to the face by using the traditional cream  and traditional masks

Traditional Cream Bath 60 minutes $30

Hair and scalp treatment by using natural products to refresh the scalp, strengthen hair roots and nourish hair.

Back and Head Massage 60 minutes $20

Massage the hip, spine and back side, relaxing rear body muscles.


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